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Paracord Camera Wrist Strap - Snow Camo - Killer Straps

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Your photos are personal, tailored to your style and tastes, and handcrafted through your creation. So why is your camera so boring? 

That's right, throw that corporate branded, out-the-box neck strap into the trash, it's time to personalize your camera. Our paracord camera wrist strap adds more life to your setup and leaves all your Instagram-buddies drooling at the sight of it. Pick a colour that best represents you, from OG Red, White Camo, and Blue Snake. 

More colourways are on the way soon!


Why a wrist strap?

Simple, we've all been there. Awkwardly tangled in the neck strap trying to get that super high (or super low shot), or even worse, wrapping it a thousand times around your wrist in the hopes that it will save your $1000+ investment while you dangle it off a rooftop or out of a moving car, neck straps just get in the way. Our paracord wrist straps are there when you need it, and not when you don't. Securing to your wrist, you can barely even feel it while you're out shooting, and it allows you to get creative with your camera angles. 


What happens if I drop my camera?

Well, you may have a mini heart-attack, but your camera will be alright! Our paracord wrist straps are rated at a pull strength of 250KGs! (249.479KGs, to be exact.) That means that even you heavy camera lovers will be safe, and our strap can most likely hold you and your camera!